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Dinamica® is artificial leather made from recycled materials.

Dinamica® is artificial leather with unique tri-layer structure composed of ultra-fine short fiber and water-based polyurethane.


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Non-woven fabric and fiber


Product Q&A


QWhere is the production base?

A We produce its raw materials in Japan. Then, we process them and produce Dinamica® outside Japan.

QWhere should I purchase it from?

A Please contact us through the inquiry form on this website.

QIs it the material used only for vehicle seats and ceilings?

A It is used for a variety of purposes other than automobile applications. For example, Dinamica® has been used as interior and exterior materials of furniture and mobile devices.

Dinamica® is the artificial leather with excellent texture mostly used for vehicle interiors such as seats and ceilings.

Dinamica® is the artificial leather with excellent texture mostly used for vehicle interiors such as seats and ceilings.


Made from recycled materials

Dinamica® is produced in part by using recycled polyester (the recycled content varies according to the product line and application) without the use of organic solvents* but using a water-based process. The manufacturing process used by Dinamica® makes it possible to extract fewer virgin raw materials since it uses a part of recycled fibres of waste products which would otherwise be sent to landfill sites or incinerated, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts associated with these processes.

*For example, DMF and trichloroethylene that can be used to manufacture synthetic materials.


Unique tri-layer structure

Dinamica® consists of three layers: face, inner scrim and backing. Submerged in a water solution, the inner scrim attracts small polyester fibres, which are suspended in the liquid, to both surfaces; these are compacted using a water-based needle punching process. The microfibre is then immersed in a water-based polyurethane bath without using solvents in order to minimize the health and environmental impacts. This process compacts the fibres, making them elastic and resistant.


Soft texture and elegant,
fascinating design

Ultra-fine fibers which are intertwined with each other achieve smooth and elegant texture. Colors come out well on Dinamica®. This characteristic allows Dinamica® to be variously colored, ranging from light colors to deep colors, which lead to evenly and beautifully colored products.

Usage example01

Car seats

Elegant texture that meets high specifications required of automobiles, aircraft, cruisers, etc. relaxes the driver and passengers in the in-vehicle space. Dinamica® is equipped with the sophisticated and grippy surface that fits in with the bodies of the driver and passengers and that gives them a sense of increased unity with the seat.

Dinamica® has been used as an interior material of luxury cars of major automotive manufacturers worldwide (including Europe, the U.S., and Asia).

Usage example02

Ceiling materials, headliners, pillars,
door trims, sun visors, and instrument panels

Dinamica® can be used for not only vehicle seats, but also as fabric materials for various areas that require stretchability.
For example, such fabric materials can be used as epidermis materials for vehicle ceilings, pillars, door trims, sun visors,
instrument panels, etc. The special stretchability allows them to be easily attached to the base materials. We also offer
this material in various sizes to fit wide range of automobiles.

Product Q&A


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