Actively Shaping the Third Living Space

In the past, vehicle exterior design played a vital role in the purchase decision. As vehicles become more autonomous, consumers are demanding more materials, technology, and functionality choices – making the interior an essential part of their choice of vehicle type and brand.
Asahi Kasei has a diversified portfolio to ensure that automotive interiors become a comfortable, safe, and innovative third living space.

Style, Performance, and Comfort with Global Appeal

The fundamental idea behind Sage has never changed: design and manufacture innovative interiors that complete the automotive experience. Whether it’s a sports sedan, luxury coupe or SUV, all materials feature the distinctive style, flawless performance and luxurious comfort that appeal to customers around the globe.

Innovative Solutions

This inspiration has fueled growth to become a leading supplier of high-performance automotive interior solutions. It has also fueled a passion for innovation, earning our products a global reputation for unmatched quality, high-end design and precision engineering. After all, a car isn’t simply a machine, it’s a living space. How that space makes us feel—pampered, protected or powerful—is what brings an interior to life.

Sage Sustainability offerings

Sustainability isn’t just our manufacturing trend—it’s our heritage. What began as a company conviction has grown into renewable designs, earth-friendly business practices and a responsibility that has completely transformed how we do business.

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NEXX Essentials™

a forward-thinking mobility platform that brings innovative, safe, and functional technologies to the interior while elevating the mobility experience. This cutting-edge technology equips interior fabrics with anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and water/stain repellent properties.

For more information, visit NEXX Essentials website

Interior Products & Technologies


Dinamica® is a microfiber produced in part by using recycled polyester through a water-based process rather than with organic solvents. This unique manufacturing process makes it possible to extract fewer virgin raw materials since it uses a portion of recycled fibers from waste products that would otherwise be incinerated.

*recycled content varies depending on article & application.

Thermylene™ Polypropylene — The economic alternative

Thermylene® represents the family of specialty compounded polypropylene products using various reinforcements. The enhanced properties of these polymers yield an extremely attractive cost and performance balance when compared to traditional engineering thermoplastics. These products can be used in various different applications, such as creating lighter and larger sunroof panels, to add to the overall living-space experience of the future of automotive.

Thermylene™ SoForm™

Thermylene™ SoForm™ is developed as a soft-touch haptics grade that provides structural soundness. It is tailored for weathering and enhanced scratch resistance in your applications. SoForm can help eliminate the need for softtouch paints, over-molding with soft materials, while also being able to be directly injection molded.


TENAC™ acetal homopolymer (POM-H) and TENAC™-C acetal copolymer (POM-C) give Asahi Kasei a unique advantage for mobility interiors. This is because the resins possess balanced combinations of properties over a broad range of temperatures while also showcasing high performance in several essential areas. Some of the many advantages of the Tenac series include low friction, high strength, dimensional stability, and creep and fatigue resistance. And we also offer low emission of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) grades and metallic colored grades. This brand can be used to enhance several areas of the automotive interior, such as sliders for seat adjustments, lumbar support, door handles, and seat belt buttons.


The LEONA™ SG series is an alloy grade of PA66 with semi-aromatic polyamide which is reinforced with glass fiber and is suitable for a wide range of products and applications including automobile interior and mechanical parts, household appliances, and home fittings.


is an innovative three-dimensional cubic knitted fabric consisting of a front surface, a connecting part, and a back surface. It can be used as base materials of vehicle interior parts such as car seats, instrument panels, door lining, and armrests.


Duranate™ is a hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI)-based polyisocyanate coating additive. This material provides excellent weatherability, chemical resistance, elasticity, abrasion resistance, good adhesion, and drying to polyurethane coatings. With its variety of properties, Duranate is especially suitable for various automotive applications.


LEONA™, which has high strength and high heat resistance, contributes to weight reduction and compactness while ensuring the product performance of air bags and tires. It is also widely used as a reinforcing material for rubber products (timing belts, hoses, etc.) used in automobiles.

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