The transition from ICE (internal combustion engine) to EVs is impacting consumers’ buying trends: the focus on high-performance engines is shifting to a focus on efficiency and convenience. Today’s infotainment systems are used primarily to assist the driver, integrating backup cameras, navigation, and more. Tomorrow’s vehicles will become a “third living space” between the passenger’s home and destination, offering safety, relaxation and entertainment.

A primary focus of vehicle design will be to ensure that the interior is safe, comfortable and quiet. Many advancements have been made to this end, such as occupancy monitoring systems, improved sound-absorbing materials, multi-layered laminated glass, and electronic sound cancellation.

Alcohol Sensing

The next generation of alcohol sensors: A touch-free system.

Senseair’s touch-free alcohol sensors can be seamlessly integrated into vehicles by the OEM such that there is no physical hardware in the vehicle cabin. Drivers will provide a puff of breath directed towards a small sensor, which can be outfitted around the steering wheel, dashboard, or in the door trim, and the system will quantify breath alcohol content in seconds.

Senseair alcohol sensing products can be used in vehicles or as a stationary check-in system, enabling first-of-its-kind mouthpiece-free instrumentation for workplace and aftermarket vehicle installations. This is the next generation of alcolocks, ensuring safe and secure vehicle startup with little inconvenience to the business and drivers.

In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

Audio Components

For over 30 years, Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM), an Asahi Kasei company, has developed and supplied audio ICs that have been utilized in many automotive infotainment systems. AKM’s audio products support the industry’s highest audio quality standards in order to maximize these systems’ audio capabilities.

Audio and Voice DSPs

The widespread use of EVs and autonomous driving has resulted in an increased desire for privacy and comfort in the cabin, as well as clear and natural voice communication. AKM addresses this need with solutions that cancel environmental noise and provide a realistic, organic audio experience. In addition to hands-free and in-vehicle communication technologies, AKM provides solutions for active road noise cancellation, engine sound synthesis, and audio processing tailored to the cabin environment.

Telematics: Audio and Voice DSPs

Enabling a system for clear communication with outside contacts is essential for safety and for handling emergencies such as automobile accidents. Automotive emergency call systems require highly reliable solutions that comply with telematics standards. AKM’s 15+ years of experience in hands-free communication have led to the development of voice DSPs that have been adopted for eCall and other emergency communications systems. These technologies are key to enabling a quick response in the event of an accident.

Audio D/A Converters

AKM’s audio D/A converters (DACs) provide solutions for high quality audio system with the original digital-analog converting technology.

They are used in variety of applications such as AV receivers, set-top boxes, speaker systems, digital TVs and car-entertainment systems, contributing to the sound quality and power consumption improvements and reducing external parts.

Driver Monitoring: Millimeter Wave Radar ICs

It is important to monitor the conditions of drivers and passengers to prevent the driver from dozing off at the wheel and children from being left in the cabin. AKM’s millimeter-wave radar ICs, which feature high spatial resolution and precision, can sense respiration rates without the use of a camera; this allows for accurate monitoring without compromising privacy. This approach will be essential for in-vehicle safety in the future.


AZP™️ is a novel transparent resin with excellent optical properties, of which birefringence is controlled from the molecular level by our advanced molecular design technology and our polymerization technology. AZP™️ offers nearly zero birefringence, heat and light resistance, and high hardness. This product is ideal as a cover for curved displays and HUD Optical Components.

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