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Sound management solutions via noise reduction, audio design, and voice processing technology

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Fully relax on the road with passive and active solutions for noise reduction

We can reduce the noise of a wide range of frequencies with active noise cancellation technology from our original ICs and passive sound absorbing technologies from materials.

Passive Solution

  • Precisé™
*Precisé™ is a trademark of Mitsui Chemicals Asahi Life Materials Co., Ltd..

Applying a thin layer of Precisé™ to textiles and surfaces in the cabin for an overall cost reduction and lightweighting of the vehicle.

Precisé™ is a thin and lightweight fabric that can dramatically increase the sound absorption of surface materials. Less sound absorption material is required which makes textiles thinner and lighter weight, and in some cases can significantly reduce costs.

Source: Mitsui Chemicals Asahi Life Materials’ research

When applied to a felt surface, Precisé™ was able to improve sound absorption performance compared to even twice the thickness of felt.
*Other base materials may not achieve the same results.

Precisé™ and sound-absorbing materials were laminated together in the demo car to test how much it would contribute to noise reduction.

How it was measured:
The source of road noise and an assumption of its location were determined based on speaker vibration, and the sound was measured at the driver's ear height.
*Measured by an external organization

An experiment was conducted to help us visualize how much the installation of Precisé™ can reduce noise.

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  • SunForce AM

A moldable foam-formed, sound absorbing engineering plastic that can be applied to many different vehicle parts.

SunForce™ AM is a foam resin made of macaroni-shaped polyamide beads that can be molded by foam styrole molding machines. Its outstanding heat resistance and rigid strength is paired with exceptional sound absorption in a way that can be utilized from the power train to the lightweighting and increased performance of a vast array of vehicle parts.

By creating and installing hood insulation with SunForce™ AM

How it was measured:
The source of engine/motor noise and an assumption of its location were determined based on speaker vibration, and the sound was measured 0.4 m above the hood.

Active Solution

  • Engine Order Cancellation (EOC)

The most lightweight noise reduction solution that cancels unwanted noise with soundwaves.

Noise in the low-frequency range can be reduced with our Active Noise Cancellation technology. Our EOC can make uncomfortable engine noise quieter for frequencies at and around 100 Hz. The car's speakers produce a sound that cancels out this noise.
Normally, heavy sound insulating and dampening materials are used to suppress low-frequency sounds, but canceling them with sound waves makes it possible to reduce the amount of these materials used, thus significantly reduce the weight of the vehicle.
In addition, our Active Road Noise Canceller (ARNC) that can reduce road noise and create a serene in-cabin atmosphere is also currently in production.
(To be ready in Q2 2022.)

Our EOC dampens the first peak of engine noise by 15 dB
*When standardized to 1 kHz, it is dampened by 5 dB

・Listening with headphones is recommended
・This image of the sound source only takes the ADC delay into consideration.

Noise cancellation effects of AK5734 and AK5736

Results of road noise at 100 Hz
Blue: Original Signal
Red: Cancellation Signal
Green: Result


Immersive driving experience with designed audio

  • Engine Sound Creator (ESC)

Creates engine sounds in EVs

Our ESC adds authentic engine sounds to EVs.
For example, the powerful engine sound of a sports car or the futuristic electronic sound of an EV can be adjusted to the vehicle speed and gas pedal position for a feel-good effect.
Although the feeling of velocity acceleration from sound is lost in EVs, it can be recreated with our ESC to enjoy a safe and comfortable driving experience.

*Reference Video
Demo Vehicle: Nissan Note e-power
Location: Tokyo Metropolitan Highway
Source: AK7707 | Asahi Kasei AUTOMOTIVE (

  • Audio Effect

Turn the cabin into a concert hall

Our Audio Effect technology can "design" a cabin space with a sound coming down from the front of the vehicle.
For example, it is possible to create a sound image in front of all the seats using only the existing speakers.
In fact, when music is played using this system installed in our Demo Car, it provides a space immersed with sound as if it were spreading out in front of you regardless of the seat in the vehicle.


Enjoyable and comfortable in-car experience with voice processing technology

  • Voice Command

All vehicle functions are voice activated

Our Voice Command technology allows passengers to operate in-vehicle devices with their voice. Its optimized algorithm for cabin atmosphere allows it to recognize voice commands accurately even with road noise from high speeds and has excellent responsiveness because it has an offline stand-alone voice recognition system. It also features beamforming, which controls directionality to allow the system to respond only to the voice from the driver's seat.

  • Handsfree

Converse without irritating echoes or feedback noise.

Our handsfree system uses voice processing technology from 15-years of global experience.
The echo-canceling/noise canceling function suppresses external noise and echoes without compromising sound quality.
Passengers can also talk on the phone without irritating echoes or feedback while driving.

  • In-Car Communication

Have a conversation without muting the audio.

Have you ever had the experience of not being able to hear the driver's voice while driving or playing music??
Our in-car communication technology enables the communication in the car without muting the audio by echo cancel and howling cancel functions.

  • Karaoke

Change the way you enjoy your vehicle!

As autonomous vehicles become more prevalent, the way people enjoy their car experience will be transformed in new ways - one of which is with karaoke.
Our karaoke system needs but one microphone to enjoy karaoke from the car or smartphone.
The system prevents howling and makes singing voices resonate, creating an immersive feeling like an actual karaoke room.

Sensing Solutions

Our Demo Car has safe, comfortable, and sustainable sensing solutions

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