XYRON_Inter-cell spacer

XYRON_Inter-cell spacer

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A light-weight solution for vehicles

We provide a polymer alloy with various properties by processing polyphenylene ether resin, which features a low specific gravity, flame retardancy, and heat resistance, with our unique compound technology. An example of usage: resinifying secondary battery peripheral parts.


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Engineering plastics



XYRON™ is suitable for thin walled parts such as inter-cell spacers for lithium-ion secondary batteries (LiB). It contributes to not only weight reduction, but also vehicle safety thanks to its flame retardancy.

XYRON™ is suitable for thin walled parts such as inter-cell spacers for lithium-ion secondary batteries (LiB). It contributes to not only weight reduction, but also vehicle safety thanks to its flame retardancy.


Flame retardant

XYRON™ resins have a high oxygen index (a measure of the volume of oxygen required for burning), making them highly flame retardant.
*Comparison of the oxygen index of each engineering plastic (non-reinforced). The higher this index, the more the material resists burning.

XYRON_ Flame retardant

XYRON_ Flame retardant


Low specific gravity

XYRON™ modified PPE resins are lightweight materials boasting the lowest specific gravities of all engineering plastics. Choosing XYRON™ resins helps to reduce component weights.
*Comparison of specific gravity of each engineering plastic (non-reinforced). The smaller this value, the lighter the material.

XYRON_ Low specific gravity

XYRON_ Low specific gravity


Dimensional stability

XYRON™ modified PPE resins have low mold shrinkage, ensuring excellent dimensional stability and dimensional precision.
*Comparison of Linear expansion coefficient of each engineering plastic (non-reinforced). The smaller this value the more the material resists expansion under heating- and thus the easier the material is to use.

XREON_ Dimensional stability

XYRON_ Dimensional stability

Usage example01

Bus bar cover

When insulating protective covers for conducting elements carrying high currents at high voltages must be lightweight and exhibit good dimensional stability, we recommend XYRON™, which are well-suite to fabrication of thin-walled components and boast electrical insulation and heat resistance.
We also offer oil-resistant grades for easier handling.

XYRON_Bus bar cover

Usage example02

Inter-cell spacer

XYRON_Inter-cell spacer

For inter-cell spacers, the insulating components placed between battery cells, Asahi Kasei recommends our XYRON™, which features excellent tracking resistance, hydrolysis resistance, acid and alkaline resistance, and long-term stability of physical properties—or our XYRON™ T series of PP/PPE alloys, which feature all of these properties plus excellent oil and chemical resistance.
These materials are well-suited to fabrication of thin-walled components, helping to shrink product footprints and reduce weight. Their excellent creep resistance and (non-halogen) flame retardance also improve vehicle safety.

Usage example03

ADAS cameras

The materials used to make camera components must offer high dimensional accuracy with minimal variation in component dimensions and dimensional stability across a range of operating environments.
For lens barrels and lens spacers used with various types of vehicle-mounted cameras, we recommend the following two XYRON™ grades.

■ XYRON™ XP640
XYRON™ XP640 is an alloy grade that blends highly heat-resistant PA (PPA) with PPE. Alloying PPA with PPE—a material with low water absorption—serves to suppress the absorptivity of PPA while retaining the high heat resistance, high strength, and high rigidity of unmodified PPA.

XYRON™ DG040, DG340
XYRON™ DG040 and DG340 are alloy grades that blend PPS with PPE. These materials exhibit minimal reduction in mechanical strength in high-temperature environments, while the addition of specialized glass fillers ensures minimal anisotropy in dimensional variations.


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https://www.asahi-kasei-plastics.com/en/ products/xyron/


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