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Engineering plastics

LEONA™ SN series

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Non-halogen and red phosphorus-free flame retardance polyamide resin with excellent electrical properties

LEONA™ SN series has excellent laser printability, laser weldability, tracking resistance, glow-wire properties, low smoke emission, suppresses changes in physical properties and dimensions when water is absorbed, and has excellent mechanical strength.


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Engineering plastics

LEONA™ SN series


LEONA™ SN series uses flame retardance that do not contain halogens or red phosphorus, and has acquired flame retardance standard UL94 V-0 (0.75mm).

LEONA™ SN series uses flame retardance that do not contain halogens or red phosphorus, and has acquired flame retardance standard UL94 V-0 (0.75mm).


Halogen & red phosphorus free PA66 flame retardant series

Flame retardance polyamide 66 resin is expanding its range of applications centering on E&E and automobiles. Especially for automobile parts, with the increase in EVs, materials flame retardance properties are required. In addition, red phosphorus flame retardance are considered to be one of the causes of migration, and there is a growing demand for non-use of red phosphorus flame retardance in electrical and electronic parts.


Excellent laser transparency, laser weldability, and laser-marking behavior

LEONA™ SN series feature excellent laser transparency, which enables high laser weldability and laser-marking behavior. LEONA™ SN series can produce high clarity with excellent performance under a broad range of operating conditions.
Laser marking with LEONA™ SN series resins yields clearer, higher-contrast lettering than general non-halogen flame-retardant polyamide resins in both of the following situations: ​
(1) Forming white letters on black-colored items
(2) Forming black letters on white, gray, or other light-colored items (including RAL9003 and RAL7035)
​LEONA™ SN series also yield clear laser-marking results for ultra-small letters and symbols under a wide range of operating conditions.

Leona SN_ laser marking

Leona SN_ laser marking


Excellent electrical properties

Manufacturers also need Relative Thermal Index (RTI), Comparative Tracking Index (CTI), and Glow Wire Ignitability (GWFI, GWIT) for designing electrical products.
LEONA™ SN series have been certified UL standards for CTI (600V), and the LEONA™ SN11B in particular is UL listed not only for high CTI (600V), but also for high GWFI (960°C), high GWIT (750°C), and RTI Elec. 130°C.

Leona SN_ electrical properties

Leona SN_ electrical properties

Usage example01

Bus bar cover

Leona SN_ bus_bar_cover

When insulating protective covers for conducting elements carrying high currents at high voltages must have high strength and long-term stability of physical properties (RTI compliance), Asahi Kasei recommends LEONA™ SN11B, which is well-suited to fabrication of thin-walled components, offers high strength against dielectric breakdown, and features excellent tracking resistance (CTI 600V), flame retardance (UL 94 V-0), and long-term heat resistance (RTI).

Usage example02

High-voltage connectors

High-voltage connectors used around the batteries of electric vehicles. Orange color is required to alert the user to the high voltage. Flame retardancy and tracking resistance are required.

For more detail about Leona™ SN series.



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